Circulating filter belt


SHWANFIL belt filter equipment does not consume consumables when running, it uses the mesh material of the ring belt. With two ends of the screen are connected by a special locking piece, thus forming an annular belt. This filter belt is easy to operate and has high filtration permeability, even in the locked area, the filtration accuracy remains the same.

It is suitable for gear processing, shape processing, outer circle inside circle, cubic boron nitride and corundum grinding machine tools;Grinder, gear grinding machine, bearing fine grinding processing filter, auto parts processing filter medium equipment supporting Germany filtration equipment.

Product features:

1. High filtration accuracy;

2. Recycling;

3. High tensile strength;

4. No solid waste for filtration consumables.

5. Achieve continuous cooling and lubricating fluid supply to the grinding machine without any shutdown.