Industrial filter paper


(1) Industrial Grinding Filter Paper

Applicable to grinder, machine tool, machining center, drawing machine, grinding, honing, grinding machine and other mechanical equipment processing cutting fluid, grinding fluid, drawing oil, grinding fluid, honing oil and other industrial oil filtration.Remove oil slicks, impurities, iron filings and so on, maintain the performance of cutting fluid, improve the service life and accuracy.

(2)Bearing Processing Filter Paper

Grinding fluid filtration of bearing processing parts, such as bearing super finishing machine, CNC bearing roller grinder, bearing grinding processing production line, automobile hub bearing unit grinding equipment, wind power bearing and large-scale annular parts grinding machine processing of concentrated filtration materials.

(3)Emulsion Filter Paper

Emulsion filter paper of cold rolled sheet, cold rolled stainless steel, strip steel and roller mill. It is used to filter impurities such as debris and grinding wheel powder to maintain the lubrication and cleanliness of the emulsion.

(4)Rolling Oil Filter Paper

It is mainly used for the filtration of kerosene-based lubrication coolant and rolling oil in the cold rolling process of nonferrous metal processing sheet and foil rolling. Keep the process lubrication coolant to reach enough filtration precision, so as to make the surface quality of rolled products meet the requirements.