Marine Pipe flushing Filter Paper

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Marine Pipe Flushing Filter Paper

During the outfitting process, there will be some impurities and moisture in the pipeline system of main and auxiliary engines, anchor winch, hatchcover hydraulic etc., which are not allowed to exist in the internal operating system of the equipment.Therefore, before the official operation of the equipment, system oil is often not directly added to the pipeline system of the main and auxiliary engines and tank covers. Instead, flushing oil is used for the circulation flushing and lubrication of the equipment and pipelines. After the flushing oil series is finished, the flushing oil will be replaced with system oil.Through washing oil in the main and auxiliary engine, anchor winch and hatch cover pipeline system repeatedly washing cycle, to clear impurities and water in the pipeline and can find out potential trouble in the installation process, so as to ensure the outfitting period, safety, ship construction quality and reduce outfitting cost.

Marine oil filter paper is a special filter material for the Marine industry.It has a certain elasticity and strength, with a basically uniform size and uniform distribution of filter holes;When immersed in liquid or gas at normal temperature (below 70℃), the shape and pore size remain unchanged;High filtration accuracy, easy cleaning and descaling;High mechanical strength and water resistance, oil resistance, good corrosion resistance, long service life, widely used and other characteristics.